Kick-Off to Kindergarten

As a very active volunteer in our community, I have been appointed to 14 different non-profit boards or committees. For this segment, I will focus on the many  years volunteering for Kickoff to Kindergarten at East Washington Academy. Why do I do this? Studies have shown that only 22% of the kids are fully ready when kindergarten starts. Our goal with Kickoff to Kindergarten is to improve that percentage for Muncie Community Schools. We take the two weeks immediately prior to the start of the school year and help the kids with basic printing of names and numbers, cutting and pasting of shapes, learning the days of the week, and much more. I enjoy meeting the kids and helping the teachers prepare them for kindergarten. Seeing the students achieve dramatic improvements in skill sets over these two weeks causes me to think that I am one piece of the impact puzzle. Helping our youth is important work and I will help however I can.