I enjoy distance running. I have completed 17 full marathons and 34 half marathons. My first was the Chicago Marathon in 2000. That run took 4 hours and 19 minutes. I have never been fast but always finish what I start. I set a personal goal to finish in less than 4 hours and it took me 4 more tries to get into the 3’s (under 4 hours).

I then ran 9 straight in the 3’s. I usually run the Muncie Half Marathon at Prairie Creek. They stage a half, a 10K and a 5K. In 2005, I finished #1 overall in the Muncie 10K (see photo). Distance running allows my quiet time to collect my thoughts and is good for my health. There is also nothing like the emotional feeling that comes with crossing the finish line knowing you did all the work/ trainings for months.

My 3 favorites were the Toronto Marathon, the Air Force Marathon and 7 Bridges in Chattanooga. My favorite half was Sunburst in South Bend which finished at the 50 yard line on the field at Notre Dame stadium. Felt like Rudy running through that tunnel. Marathons have taught me to keep a long term focus in my thinking and that success only comes if you are willing to do the work (training/preparation). Lessons that should serve me well as Mayor of Muncie.