Did you know that I have written three books? My most recent book is “Financial Folly.” Look on Amazon- search for Dan Ridenour and you will find it.

Writing a book, or three for that matter, takes extensive research, long-range planning and disciplined effort to complete. In general, I am not a fan of the FICO score system because it keeps people down for reasons that are not always accurate or fair. I regularly counsel people on methods to increase their score. Situations in life can cause challenges- divorce, job loss, medical, etc. I use my expertise to give them hope and provide strategies to get them back on track.

I have delivered credit scoring presentations to many groups including Muncie, Ft Wayne, and Indy Property owners associations, Ball State University classes and more. My largest was at the NACM Credit Conference in Orlando which had 2300 attendees. (See photo). Research, long-range planning, and discipline are three traits I have developed over the years and all three will serve me well as Mayor of Muncie.