November 12, 2019

For immediate release-

From Dan Ridenour, Muncie Mayor Elect

The Ridenour administration which takes over in 2020, is and will remain focused on creating a change in the culture of our city government. The citizens of Muncie will be viewed as priority one. We will strive to become a service organization that benefits all the citizens of Muncie, not just a few. We will respond to our citizens in a timely and effective manner, and will always do so in a way that respects our residents. The Ridenour administration will not tolerate adjusting the rules or special treatment for any city employee. Most importantly, we will not allow fraud by city employees in any way, shape or form. As a method to accomplish these goals I would like to introduce two key Ridenour Transition members. All applications for full-time employment or board appointments will be funneled through these two individuals to assure compliance and consistency.

First of all, let me introduce David Smith. David is a retired Indiana State Police officer with a specialty in investigating municipal fraud cases. He was also the key quality and fraud officer for the BMV appointed by the Governor. David will have a role in the Ridenour administration beginning in January in a yet to be determined position. In the meantime, David will help lead with the transition team.

Secondly, please meet Nancy Larson. Nancy has her BS in Management from Indiana Wesleyan University with coursework in Human Resources Management. She worked many years in Delaware County government including being the Human Resources Director. She is Lean Six Sigma certified and has her PHR Designation. It is my intention for her to serve as the City of Muncie HR Director beginning 1/1/20. During November and December, Nancy will help lead the transition team.

The interview process for positions will be as follows:

Applicants should submit a resume listing their preferred positions to:
Email submission of applications is our preferred method however resumes can be brought to the transition office at 125 E Charles Street, Suite 202 and dropped off in person. Due to limited staffing, if our office is closed please leave the resume in an envelope under the door.

For qualified applicants, you will be contacted for an initial interview.
Following the initial interview, if warranted and qualified, we will contact you for a second interview with Dan Ridenour, Muncie Mayor Elect.

The following positions are available for full-time appointed leadership roles beginning on or after 1/1/20:

Animal Control Director
Building Commissioner
Community Development Director
Economic Development (MRC)
Fire Chief
Police Chief
Parks Superintendent
Street Department Superintendent
Public Access (TV Broadcasts)
Mayor’s Administrative Assistant

The following board and commission positions (unpaid) are also available for appointment by the Mayor Elect with other positions to be added later:

Board of Works
Muncie Sanitary District
Muncie Redevelopment Commission
Police Merit Commission
Fire Merit Commission
Parks Board
Visitor Bureau Board

Thank you.