Under my direction Muncie will operate as an honest, open, high performance city organization anticipating future needs, utilizing best practices and striving for continuous improvement.

  • We will support high quality public safety programs and emergency preparedness plans for our community based on recommendations by our public safety professionals not politics.

  • We will improve the retention of officers by adopting, funding and implementing a staffing plan for Police and Fire Officers. Retention of the more experienced officers will improve the safety of the Muncie public.

  • We will support department leaders who take politics out of public safety. We want leaders who hold people accountable for their actions and grant promotions based on results and merit, not politics.

  • We will adopt, fund and implement a regularly scheduled public safety equipment, facilities, and vehicle plan. This will include regular maintenance and scheduled replacement plans instead of reactionary efforts. Under my watch we will provide our police and fire departments with the equipment they need to keep us safe.

  • We will work toward collaboration between Muncie Police, BSU Police and Delaware County Sheriff Department officers in order to reduce duplication of efforts saving resources for all three.

  • We will work with our neighborhoods to improve education, public awareness, and to coordinate programs concerning emergency services, criminal justice, and important social services.

Ball State Homecoming Parade 2018