Under my direction Muncie will operate as an honest, open, high performance city organization anticipating future needs, utilizing best practices and striving for continuous improvement.

Open and Honest City Government


We will dramatically increase transparency. This will include developing a City Communication Plan and Protocol that promotes greater accountability, effectiveness and efficiency. Including a monthly meet and greet with the mayor at various city locations, often at neighborhood association meetings in the evening so the public can more easily attend. The City Communication Plan will also require that each department present a report to the city council twice per year. This report will include a review of department budgets YTD, highlighting the positive results achieved in the current year and being available to the council to answer questions.


We will dramatically improve honesty by creating public access to all city documents. Each month, city council documents will be available online to every citizen who wants them. This will include the full agenda, minutes, all ordinances, every resolution and attachments. Access to these documents will occur for all citizens and the city council at the exact same instant online. Anyone who wants to know what the city is doing will be able to easily find out. The City of Muncie government will be completely open and honest under my direction.


A need for better transparency requires that all City Council Committees consist of 5 members each going forward. All committees should include bi-partisan appointments, hold 100% public meetings, and have published minutes. Secrecy will be a thing of the past under my direction.